Associate artists

Georgia Shine

Cellist, multi-disciplinary artist, teacher, mover and shaker. Georgia is a spontaneous performer that crosses the music/movement divide. She nurtures creativity in others through movement labs "Moving Connections" and her ever-growing cello choir. 

Anne Norman

Shakuhachi performer, improviser and composer, working as a soloist and collaborating with musicians, dancers, actors, poets, visual artists, installation artists and tea masters.

Bowerbird Collective

The Bowerbird Collective produces new multimedia work that tells conservation stories, with the aim of strengthening emotional connections to the natural world.

Pale Blue Dot (live)

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Remnants (official music video)

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Where Water Meets X Bowerbird Collective | Moonbird Festival 2023 (Live)

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Selected past performances 

2023 The Lyrebird Festival with the Bowerbird Collective

2023 The Moonbird Festival with the Bowerbird Collective 

2023 Aotearoa/New Zealand tour of ‘River Islands’ 

2023 Cygnet Folk Festival with Georgia Shine

2022 National Folk Festival

2022 NSW Tour of ‘River Islands’ and Walhalla Gold Mine performance with Anne Norman

2021 MONA FOMA/Acoustic Life of Boat Sheds 

2021 AgriCULTURED with Georgia Shine 

2020 Memory Palace performance in Hastings Cave with Anne Norman

2019 kunanyi/Mt Wellington observation shelter midnight performance with Anne Norman and Quin Thomson

2018 Gunns Plains Caves Performance for the Australian Speleological Federation

2017 Sunrise performance on Mt Nelson with Anne Norman and community choir